• For our next generation, Aleees to the "human security and environment-friendly" as a concept, not a burden on the environment production of products, not only committed to reducing the public rely on fossil resources, more sustainable for the Earth ecological sustainability of development efforts unremitting.
  • Aleees launched a new 8.3 m sized electric conversion in electric buses, driving range of up to 120 to 150 km, with a new generation for power systems, only 6 to 10 minutes to replace the battery, the electric bus by the Li Kai phosphate own R & D cathode material lithium iron, production and assembly, battery electric control system and module design, built with intelligent charging station and the control center for the community to provide more comfortable and safe public transport, with practical actions to express and protect carbon reduction support of national health, clean work together to build a happy home.
  • Aleees introduced the first car through the Taiwan Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) and Vehicle Safety Assurance Center (VSCC) certified conversion in electric low-floor buses, has been in January 2012 was officially launched in Taoyuan County, offers free shuttle services; followed in Taipei, Chungli City, Hsinchu City, Kinmen County and other places also have road project execution.


Through the advantages of highest quality and reasonable cost, Aleees’ LFP─NCO(Lithium FerrousPhosphate Nano Co-crystalline Olivine) will be the solution to green energy storage system. Only by leveraging Asia’s enormous lithium battery production capacity and Aleees’s cutting-edge production ability in LFP cathode material, a brand new energy and power storage industry founded on LFP-NCO material will be materialized. With advantages in LFP-NCO material, Aleees has joined forces with our up-and downstream partners to build THSR-quality E-bus. Furthermore, with an innovative operating model, Aleees supplies integrated green energy service system from battery material production, electric bus assembly and certification to battery maintenance, service and recycle. The objective is to provide the public with a low-carbon, eco-friendly and cost-effective public transport system. Aleees capitalizes on our innovative energy storage technology to manufacture products with the highest quality and reasonable prices, so as to accelerate our expansion to the global green energy market



LFP-NCO Cathode Material

LFP-NCO (Lithium ferrous phosphate nano co-crystalline compound) is a single inseparable olivine compound formed by the precursors including lithium, iron, phosphorus and metals or metal compounds which is not fabricated by Fe doping nor coating process.



As long as we can wait for another five minutes to take Aleees' electric bus. Each passenger can reduce CO2 emissions by 128 tons each year while saving 50,000 liters of diesel fuel. Although hybrid electric buses seem to save more energy and reduce carbon emission than diesel buses. In fact, the hybrid electric buses can only increase the fuel efficiency by 25% but it will still emit carbon dioxide.


Electric Vehicles

Due to energy shortages and the effect of the Kyoto Protocol, the high-tech and eco-friendly electric vehicle has become one of the most popular "green industries" in the world.