Aleees' value proposition is 'Asia Value at Chindia Price' With its product quality and competitive price, Aleees' LFP-NCO can be the answer to green energy storage systems.

Goal and Commitment

"Human Safety and Environment-friendly" are the goals for which Aleees endeavors to serve the community .

Since 1996 when the first LFP-NCO (lithium ferrous phosphate nano metal oxide co-crystalline olivine compound) was used as the cathode material in lithium batteries, the quality, stability and patent issue have been the bottlenecks for its industrial development. Aleees masters the industry-leading manufacturing process with the strength of high-quality and long cycle life of the products. With the global patent portfolio, Aleees collaborates with customers to achieve the record of being the world's No. 1 supplier of shipping the LFP-NCO (lithium ferrous phosphate nano metal oxide co-crystalline olivine compounds) in two consecutive years. Quality is the most important value of Aleees and the recognition and support by world's major battery manufacturers are the reasons for Aleees to continuously grow. Aleees applies the high-quality high cycle life cathode materials in the batteries for all types of electric vehicles. From the production to recycling of batteries, Aleees constructs the Cradle to Cradle industry service chain to completely realize the environment declaration of "Human Safety and Environment-Friendly".

The key points for the R & D of the next-generation vehicles are the energy conservation and environmental protection (focused on the development of new energy and alternative energy sources). From being the world's No.1 material supplier to the promoter of the electric buses and battery charge/exchange service systems, Aleees masters the development and manufacturing technology of high quality and long cycle life cathode materials and collaborates with partners to create Taiwan's first " battery swappalbe type electric buses".

We are expected to achieve the goal of “Oil and electricity equivalent”. Aleees and industry partners collaborates to promote electric buses and battery swapping systems to replace the existing diesel buses which may lead to high carbon emissions. With our own technology and complete control of the quality and battery recycling, we can reduce the hazards of the batteries to personal safety and environment. In addition, Aleees cooperates with local governments and tourism bus carriers to create low carbon comfortable cities. Aleees combines technology and humanity to achieve a sustainable development balance between the human development and environmental conservation so as to realize the corporate philosophy of human safety and environment friendly.


  • Aleeesholds the human safety and environment friendly as the enterprise's core objective.
  • Aleeesmasters the proprietary lithium ferrous phosphate nano metal oxide co-crystalline olivine compound technology.
  • Aleeescontinues to improve the lithium ferrous phosphate manufacturing technology so as to ensure its position as a global market leader.
  • Aleees provides products with high quality and long cycle life.
  • Aleeesdevelops the materials with the highest cycle life to be used in the energy storage devices of electric vehicles so as to reduce the cost per use of electric vehicles.


Earth's climate and environment is facing crisis and changes which are difficult to repair due to the greenhouse gases produced by human. In order to leave our descendants a better living environment and fulfill our corporate responsibility, Aleees collaborates with various industry partners to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to provide a complete solution to construct a sustainable living environment on Earth.