Concept and Spirit

Aleees Group, with innovative Green Energy Service and reliable commercial behaviors, enhances corporate value progressively from versified aspects including but not limited to top quality product, initiatives on environmental issues, community care, employee nursing service, making constant efforts on the creation of sustainable society and environment.

Corporate Culture

Aleees promotes Green Actions with green energy development and green transportation globally, balancing between advances of technology, mankind’s life and globe sustainability, also cooperating with non-profitable organizations pertaining to environmental protection, calling on more residents to concern social issues including but not limited to global warming and public health, as well as local disadvantaged, making contributions to local communities and building clean and beautiful homeland.


Aleees organizes events including anniversaries or charity on thanksgiving, where the disabled artists and dancers are scheduled for the show, also young people and kids as livers in the orphanage are scheduled to sing and dance on the stage, where colleagues are allowed in the voluntary services to experience how they are touched by giving hands to the disadvantaged. In every critical festival, Aleees Ark-Electric Bus even carries on government’s policy on Green Life activities by Green shuttle services provided to the public throughout cities.

History of Award

Aleees concentrates on the environmental protection which has been affirmed by government and civil agencies by being awarded with a variety of national prizes in two years.