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For environment appropriate for our offspring, Aleees sponsors related non-profit organization, supports and engages in initiatives regarding to combat of global warming and reduction of air pollution, making more national people start their concerns of specified issues as to environment, aiming to have full promotion effects of environmental protection through encouragement, education and community participation.

September 09 2013

People Power Plant Enters the Campus

People Power Plant Enters the Campus

People power plant (bike power generator) is a people independent power generation plan proposed by Professor Juju Chin-Shou WANG, Ching Hwa College, Ching Hwa University in 2012, where the bike power generator is installed in the community or campus, leading to self fulfillment of energy mandatory to public life, with concurrence of physical and sport effects.


The effect climate change brings us has become challenges human beings will face in the future. We are meditating on any way to respond and expand Green Revolution to maintain life and environment for our offspring.

Green Tube Forum, a Green Dialogue of intergenerations, will be unveiled at the coffee shop in Ching Hwa University named Socrates Kitty aiming to inspire more ideas and actions every circle or realm takes for environment, ecology innovation industry and Green economy through the cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Professor Juju Chin-Shou WANG, in addition to his long-term cultivation in the growth of Bamboo dragonfly Greenmarket, he even is dedicated to the promotion of People power plant (bike power generator) in the campus and community, where community residents are allowed to do exercise for health and generate power at the mean time; Professor Wang also expects to spread such invention for use of more people at ease.

Aleees has been dedicated to R&D in Green Industry, in addition to its promotion of products representing corporate social responsibility, which also acts as a supportive to such friendly environment action plan with Professor Wang, among of which, energy saving battery is composed of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials with excellent value for money to improve energy efficiency of bike power generator, also spreading scope of application. In the event, the President to Aleees, Mr. Chang, even shows his generosity by donating two sets of bike power generators to the Representative of Zhubei City Xinshe Elementary School who comes forth here.

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【Green Dialogue of intergenerations】Professor Juju Chin-Shou WANG v.s. Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition v.s. Crosspoint ─ “Young Man, be optimistic to change the world!”