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For environment appropriate for our offspring, Aleees sponsors related non-profit organization, supports and engages in initiatives regarding to combat of global warming and reduction of air pollution, making more national people start their concerns of specified issues as to environment, aiming to have full promotion effects of environmental protection through encouragement, education and community participation.

September 09 2013

Conference of Youth-Taiwan (COYTW)

Conference of Youth-Taiwan (COYTW)

TWYCC (Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition) organizes COYTW periodically where more youth are enabled to know environmental issues based on climate change in a manner of “youth cultivated by youth”, and Aleees also aims to slow down global warming and support events organized to support Taiwan youth with true actions.


The concept of COYTW is originated from Conference of Youth (COY).

Prior of the commencement of Conferences of the Parties (COP) of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC), YOUNGO certified by the United Nations will organize COY where a platform for all nations’ youth discussing on climate change will be provided therein, while related courses and workshops on the topics such as cultural exchange, policy negotiations and adaption in the policies will be also organized, among of which, youth are permitted to realize agenda and top issues, also take real actions against such issues during the Conference.

Over the past years, although Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition Team gained a lot of guidance from scholars and industries and growth wherefrom, most Taiwan youth aren’t still well aware of difference existed between climate change and environmental protection as the public, either is the operation and latest news released from such international conferences; hence, Grace Chang, the youth representative on behalf of Kaohsiung City Government and Chang, Liang-Yi, the Representative on behalf of universities in Taiwan, launch COYTW to cultivate more youths as experts on climate change in Taiwan.

For our offspring, Aleees creates a beautiful home with “Human Safe and Eco Friendly”, aiming to support energy efficiency and carbon reduction with more active organizations on friendly environment. We support events organized by COYTW via real actions that we share means of responding climate change Green company shall do and upcoming challenges with youths through activity engagement, exchange in the reading club and interaction with fans and communities.

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