Social participation

Aleees cares for local people, supports the disadvantaged groups, engages in social public service progressively and promotes culture of volunteer service in the company to gather up more strength, turning slight love and actions to be large-scale happiness. Aleees Ark-Electric Bus, not only a bus considering environmental protection, but also a happy bus.

Community Care

Aleees’ low-floor electric bus as a whole allows the elders to get onto the bus with one step, where it combines tilt feature of body and slope dedicated for the wheelchairs, forming a design caring for more convenience and freedom the disabled group getting on/off the bus. We serve kids living in the local orphanage and assist the disabled babies in making their dreams of taking a trip come true.


Social Public Service

We replace the year-end party with a donation & thanksgiving event, where kids are invited to perform in the show from orphanage; with the disabled group playing the music, happiness and touches is added in such donations. We choose bread and food made by these kids of orphanage for gifts in Chinese New Year and other festivals that such combination of gift and public service will send our love far away.


Healthy workplace

Vegetarian Day where lunch supplied twice a week makes our employees healthy and we also engage in an action name Love our Earth by Vegetable as Environmental Protection; Company's meditation course nurtures mind of employee to be healthy and positive energy as well as active attitude is gathering around to face with difficulties and challenges in the work.


Energy Savings Design Selection

We are planning to organize National Energy Savings Design Selection, with expectation of more like-minded partners to brainstorm innovative ideas for Green energy, enlightening brilliant idea through encouragement and affirmation, among of which, your voice is heard and effort is visible.