In Asia, vehicle exhaust has become a serious issue and an average of 537,000 people die as a result of air pollution each year. In Taiwan, according to the IEA, the average amount of carbon emission has almost doubled to 11.25 tons in 2005 from 5.73 tons in 1990, which is ranked number one in Asia.

Green Energy Service System

The bus is the sound of a city. Many people travel with the first impression of a country is its airport and the second image is the local public transportation. By introducing the green energy vehicles into urban traffic network and integrating the green energy service system, we can work together to allow more friends to heard the voices which belong to the beautiful cities of Taiwan.


Battery Charge/Swap Operation System

Aleees focus on exert maximum battery performance and endurance, and we involve in charge & swap battery system for manufacturing , innovation and sales, we created the unique vehicle and electricity separated operation system; moreover, we also push forward our electric vehicle to combine with smart grid and build the new wisdom city. Aleees’ electric buses are able to perform functions as those of city buses in terms od stopping at fixed locations and times and travelling at a fixed distance. It unique battery-swapping system enables batteries to be replaced within 10 minutes, and with high equipment utilization and high benefit. This bus also coupled with Aleees’ exclusive smart control system, we are establishing a zero emission green transportation network, and it can save energy and reduce carbon effectively; protect people’s health and implement sustainable environment development.

Murder Weapon Is Beside Us-The Exhaust
Air pollution is an issue that human have to deal with. The harmful suspended particles in the air make human susceptible to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the air pollution causes approximately 2 million premature deaths worldwide. Clean air is the basis for the survival of human beings. An adult breaths approximately 15 cubic meters of air per day. If people inhale the heavily polluted air, it would be harmful to health.

Earth Fever
Since the industrial revolution, the average temperature on Earth has increased by approximate 0.6 degrees and the carbon dioxide content has increased by 30% so that the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere has rose to 380 ppmv (380 unit volume of Carbon Dioxide in one million unit volume of air). The Earth's ecosystem has been in existence for 4 billion years. However, humans only took 20 million years to subvert the balance of the ecosystem. If the average temperature on Earth rises by 2-3.5 degrees in 2050, our decendents would be the last generation of human beings on Earth.

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Aleees collaborates with many organizations which take environment friendly actions to work jointly for energy saving and carbon reduction so as to improve air quality, promote public health, and create a "human safe and environment friendly" beautiful home.