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Surface Area(Mountech Macsorb - 1201/BET)
Compare the Surface Area(Micromeritics TriStar Ⅱ)
Pressed density / Tapped density
Pressed density / Tapped density (Quantachrome)

Moisture(KEN MKC-520 ADP511S)

Moisture Content(KEN ADP-611)

Particle size(HORIBA LA-950)

Particle Size Distribution (HORIBA LA-950)
Element analysis(Porkin Elmer Optime 2100DV/ICP)
Element Analysis by Induction Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (Porkin Elmer Optime 2100DV/ICP)
Electrochemical property
Electrochemical Property Tester
(Arbin BT2000)
Particle Morphology-SEM/EDS
Particle Morphology Observation - SEM/EDS(Hitachi S-4800)
Structure analysis-XRD.jpg
Material Structure Analysis - XRD
(Bruker D8 Advance)


Coating Coating

Assembling Coin Cell

Assembling Coin Cell