About Aleees   

Aleees is the world’s leading supplier of high-end lithium iron phosphate battery cathode materials, and its cumulative shipments of high-end products ranking first in the world.  Both Nanostructured olivine-based and Ni-based layer oxides cathode materials from Aleees provide high-efficiency battery performance which could be compatible with almost any lithium-ion application to provide higher power usage and extend longer cycle life.  Aleees’s lithium iron phosphate cathode materials are protected by 192 global patents as well as contained the longest cycle life in the industry.  The company is one of the few patent-protected companies in the world that could provide high quality and long cycle life lithium ion battery cathode materials which is 100% manufacturing in Taiwan.  Aleees’s products have been passed the authorization of low temperature discharge certification which is specially requested by European and American customers. Therefore, products efficiency and safety are highly trusted by global customers.  The company‘s LFP products were supplied to well-known European automotive manufacturers in 2019 and had officially entered the automotive supply chain in Europe.