Goal and Commitment

“Human Safety and Environment-friendly” are the goals for Aleees endeavors to serve the community.

Since the first application of LFP-NCO (Nano metal oxide Co-crystalline Olivine Lithium Ferro Phosphate compound) in lithium battery cathode materials in 1996, stable quality and patent issues have been a bottleneck for the industrial development. Aleees masters key process technology with three core skills: nano co-crystalline structure, double layer carbon coating technology, and nano wet precursor technology, as well as being backed by over 130 patents around the world. Aleees provide customized products rapidly, and the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 20,000 tonnes.

With stable production quality and experience, Aleees completed mass-production verification at the 2,500-tonne manufacturing module plant. The technology and equipment specifications of model products verified for mass production by clients are directly licensed for technology transfer. Aleees’ products are customized and standardized production lines. Through a technology licensing model that provides shared-line production for end-clients so as to achieve localized production and maximize production capacity demand.

Lithium intellectual property licensing technology transfer is the main business service of Aleees. Since 2022, Aleees has granted progressively licensed technology to manufacturers in Europe, the US, Australia, and other regions. Aleees has been collaborating with international electric vehicle giants continually to promote the license technology transfer of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode materials in Europe, the Americas, India, Australia, and other regions. The expectation is to bring more high-profit product mix and establish longer-term partnerships for the company.