Goal and Commitment

“Human Safety and Environment-friendly” are the goals for Aleees endeavors to serve the community.

Since the first application of LFP-NCO (nanometal oxide eutectic lithium iron phosphate compound) on lithium battery cathode materials in 1996, the quality stability and patent problems have been the bottleneck of inductrial development. Aleees masters the keyprocess technology and implements the advantages of high quality consistency as well as energy density and cycle life to lead the industry with its high cost performance products. The cumulative sales volume has exceeded 12,000 tons and global patent protection has assisted Aleees to become the world leader in lithium ion materials industry. Starting from this year, the company entered household energy storage batteries industry and participated the replacement of lithium ion battery from lead acid battery in automotive industry. Aleees works together with well-known overseas customers for actual transformation of explosions on new business momentum. The new momentum is expected to bring up high-profit product portfolio and long-term partnership for the company.