Healthy Workplace

Benefits & Remuneration as Incentives

Employee is the most precious assets of Aleees. We benefit our employees by birthday bonus, performance incentives, year-end bonus, profit shares (subject to Articles of Association), and marriage benefits, baby delivery subsidy, funeral grants for dependents and job education subsidy and so on, which protects rights and interests of employees, also encourages employee’s self embodiment and growth.

Corporate Volunteer

We promote corporate volunteer events diligently where employees are guided to engage in social public service through corporate strength for growth of mind, while improving employees’ unity and cooperation, cohesion of corporate centripetal force.

Educational Trainings launched for employees

Educational trainings launched for employees are categorized into Rank-based trainings and Common development trainings, which include but not limited to job training, competence training and management level trainings. All employees are allowed to make a full and quick understanding of operation, industrial environment, concept of brand, labor safety and health, information security, organization and culture and so forth, improving personal skills and capability as well as job efficiency.

In response to the new department to develop, opened this year, plus the primary Japanese special training programs to provide employees the freedom to enroll employees’ language skills improve, promote exchanges between Japanese colleagues.

Employee Benefits Committee

For the sake of improving employee benefits, agglomerating strength and enriching culture, General Manager and employee nominated by each department established Employee Benefits Committee, where budgeted and appropriated benefits will be utilized to organize leisure activities, tour, year-end lucky draw and other entertainments.

Employee Body Examination

We will invite a medical team from Health Management Center, Taoyuan Hospital, Department of Health to conduct body examination for our employees, which guards health of employees with professional medical knowledge and those detailed and itemized checks make them have self check of body conditions.