Healthy Workplace

“Enhance people quality” is the core of the human resources development of Aleees. It cultivates talents and humane character from all aspects. Talents are the professional skills and capabilities that people have. Humane character is the moral quality, from people’s mind and behavior that cultivates employees’ awareness of ethics and social care.

Human resources

In response to the sustainable development of global green energy, Aleees continues to recruit talents with similar aspirations. As long as you are willing, Aleees will give you a stage.

Human rights

In the “rules for the work of employees” and the “measures for the prevention and management of sexual harassment”, Aleees has clearly stated that the protection of human rights, in addition to the prohibition of child labor, shall not discriminate against the recruitment, appointment, assessment or promotion of job seekers or employees based on race, religion, party affiliation, gender, age, marriage, appearance, physical and mental disabilities and other factors.

Employee salary and welfare

Employees have always been the largest asset of Aleees. We expect to attract outstanding talents to join the workforce of Aleees through the competitive overall salary system, cultivate and lead a group of great talents who agree with the company’s mission, vision and core values, and move towards the goal of success together.

Work safety and healthy

In order to prevent the occurrence of work disasters, Aleees spares no effort to improve the working environment to ensure the work safety of employees (including all partners). In order to smoothly provide relevant information of work safety and healthy, Aleees  has set up a Safety and Health Committee to maintain the work safety and health management system of the factory, so that it can operate effectively, and ensure that the activities, products and services of the factory can continue to comply with the requirements of work safety and health management relevant regulations.

Training and education

In order to improve the technical and management abilities that colleagues must have when performing various duties, stimulate employees’ potential to be competent for various challenges, Aleees provides diversified and rich learning resources to closely match the enterprise vision, department objectives and employee talent development, so as to cultivate a learning organization and achieve the goal of continuous learning for all employees.