Concept and Spirit

The value of environment social governance(ESG) of Aleees is guided by corporate governance, and the power of “spiritual environment ” is used to achieve “environment sustainability”, so that Aleees can achieve “oil and electricity equivalence” with its unique global battery material R&D, production and innovative electric vehicle business model.

ESG Structure

In order to ensure the implementation of the sustainability strategy, Aleees has established an Environment Social Governance Committee (ESG Committee) under the board of directors to integrate organizational resources and improve efficiency. ESG Committee is the highest level of corporate social responsibility organization in the company. It is committed to building a corporate governance system and sustainable development.

Mission and Vision

For the common future of us and the next generation, with the concept of “sustainable human survival and environmental friendly”, Aleees produces products not creating environment burden. At the same time, it adheres to the central idea of “altruism” to help manufacturers improve the efficiency of products, think about problems from the perspective of customers, create utilizing value for customers, and return deserving profits to shareholders and improve the quality of life of employees when sharing value with customers, And then fulfill the corporate social responsibility and contribute to the sustainable survival and development of mankind on the earth.