Environmental Sustainability

We promise to reduce air pollution based on our core competence, respond to the challenges of climate change, strive to create energy saving and carbon reduction benefits, and let customers enjoy low-carbon materials and transportation services.

Environment Target

Aleees’ products are designed and manufactured in a “cradle to cradle” way, hoping to achieve the goal of “zero waste and full recycling” for environmental sustainability.

Environment Management

In order to implement the green factory, we have promoted the cleaner production process and passed the “clean production evaluation system for green factory logo” issued by Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Energy saving and carbon reduction

Aleees has made remarkable achievement in promoting energy saving and carbon reduction. The energy saving quantification method takes the equipment improved power multiplied by the operating hours and load rate as the calculation basis.

Green products

We strive to implement environmental objectives at all stages of the life cycle of products and services.

Energy management

Continuously improve energy performance and comply with energy related regulations. All employees participate in energy saving and carbon reduction to create energy value for the enterprise.