Energy management

The effective management of energy issues is more important to the success of any enterprise than ever before. Aleees introduces the energy management system to achieve energy-saving benefits and practice carbon reduction goals and strive to reduce carbon emissions.

Based on the sustainable business objectives and corporate social responsibility, Aleees abides by the energy policy of continuously improving energy performance, and we are committed to:

Continually improve energy performance.

Comply with energy regulations.

Full participate in energy saving and carbon reduction.

Create enterprise energy value.

In order to enable Aleees to promote energy saving and carbon reduction work persistently, we have introduced the international standard ISO 5001:2011 energy management system, established energy review, energy baseline, energy performance indicators, energy saving project planning and set long-term energy saving goals, identified and focused on new opportunities for improvement, and achieved the goal of continuous improvement of energy saving and carbon reduction through a systematic energy management model.

  • Continue to promote the five-year energy saving project, with an annual power saving rate of 1%.
  • Improve the efficiency of the manufacture system.
  • Improve lighting system efficiency.
  • Energy saving project of central air conditioning system.
  • Improve efficiency of MIC room’s air conditioning system.
  • Paperless (electronic-form system)
  • Conduct in energy-saving-and-carbon-reduction way.